Kaleidoscopic Beams

Abbey Ley
Nov 30, 2023

Tears trickled down your neon face

You looked at the ground

I wiped them away

Orange glow on your cheek

Fuzzy like sandpaper peach

Said you want to know me

When we’re seventy

Always forbidden

Or is it just hidden

Want to live in your kisses

Coated in kaleidoscopic beams

Moments of you wanting me

Float in perpetual maybe

Close my eyes and I can see

Exponential possibilities

Hands met accidentally

Wonder how might we be

Quicksand pulls you in so deep

In flight in most my dreams

Take my hand and just breathe

Wishing you peaceful reprieve

Kiss me once before I leave

Soar over clouds through sparkling air

Gentle breeze flows through our hair

Sweet rhapsody, left it right there



Abbey Ley

Hello! I'm an art director, motion designer and writer living in Brooklyn, NY.